Gujjula Ravindra

Dr.Ravindra Gujjula: Dr.Ravindra Gujjula is most popular-Visionary Politician in Germany& Most Popular NRI- Politician in the World.
Member of Legislature of Federal State(Member of parliament): Dr. Ravindra is a doctor by profession, recently elected as a Member of Legislature of Federal State of Brandenburg(near Berlin) in Germany.Dr. Ravindra’s Win is Historic in The German politics.Dr.Ravindra is German Social Democratic Party(SPD) politician. In the Time of racist violence dominate much of the news from Germany.Dr.Ravindra’s medical studies brought him to East Berlin in the former communist German Democratic Republic at the beginning of the 1970s.Now Dr.Gujjula live with Wife,daughter-Priya and son- Rico. Dr. Ravindra Gujjula is The Bhadrachalam-born man& Son of Yalamanda Reddy, a CPI Leader, Former Member of Parliament- Ongole,and Sarala Devi- a woman activist.
Three-time Mayor: Previously, Three-time Mayor of Altlandsberg in Germany.There had never been a non-white mayor anywhere in Germany before Gujjula’s success. Dr. Ravindra was elected mayor of Altlandsberg in 1993 when he captured 80 percent of the vote.”A dark-skinned becoming a Mayor was a big news.”

Head of the Anti-Right club :Dr. Ravindra is Head of the Anti-Right club “Brandenburg against rightists.” Dr. Ravindra fought radicals from the right-wing scene in the Election time.Gujjula has been working hard to foster peaceful cooperation between Germans and foreign citizens.
“Did you know that 7,000 foreign computer specialists with German green cards, created 33,000 new jobs for Germans within six months?” Dr. Ravindra asked young people in the Federal State of Brandenburg.
“Hörbar Tolerant”(Audibly tolerant)- CD: Gujjula told ” The Anti-Right club concentrates on getting the message against neo-Nazism out to youths between the ages of 14 to 17. To help, he decided to use the same medium often employed by neo-Nazis to reach disenchanted youths- Music. Together with prominent German rock bands, Gujjula produced a CD called “Hörbar Tolerant”(Audibly tolerant),distributed over 16,000 CDs to the under-20 set, in the hope of turning their ears away from the hate-filled rhetoric of the far-right.
Dr. Ravindra’s Development works in Germany: Dr. Ravindra talks proudly of the industrial estate on the town’s outskirts where over 1,000 jobs have been created. The increase in traffic made it necessary to build a bypass as previously up to 14,000 vehicles rolled through the small town.
Dr. Ravindra’s Development works in India: Ravindra’s frequently visit of Vijayawada,fell in love with the Vijayawada city. Dr. Gujjula has been contributing to the development of Vijayawada for the last 15 years by getting funds from Germany. Dr. Ravindra investing € 550,000 Euro for school-cum-shelters,Tsunami Project,construction of school buildings and housing for the poor. Dr. Ravindra had funded the housing programme meant for tsunami victims at Kalagaladeevi and Peddapalem hamlets in Diviseema.
Dr. Ravindra recently visited India, he said “In my 15-year-long political career, I have understood that the works done by a leader will make people elect him again and again,”.
* We wish Dr.Ravindra will become a Minister soon in Germany.

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