is a humble effort from a group of volunteers to help the growing Indian population in the Euro land. With the sole aim of helping Indians survive and support them in their day to day lives, this website is launched on the Jan 1st 2015 By Dr.Ravindra Gujjula is most popular-Visionary Politician in Germany& Most Popular NRI- Politician in the World.

Member of Legislature of Federal StateEx-(Member of parliament) . Lots of hard work, time and money has been invested to bring all services under one roof, meticulous planning, precise, thoroughly verified information and 24×7 support is what we offer.


Name: venkkat Prannit Nissankara


Phone: 004917676415577

We try to offer support and services to the Indian NRIs and students to gain admissions to European universities, visa guidance, help professionals find jobs ,internships ,thesis all over Europe, movie screening schedules from theaters all over Europe running Indian movies, a small but effective online store, a discussion forum, news, regular updates about events happening all over Europe and a lot more to add in the course of our endeavours to makes lives of Indians here easier.

Editor : Surekha Chilumuri,
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