Professor Dr.Sureshswarnapuri M.D,
1.i just arrived in Europe in 2002.first to Netherlands and shifted to Ireland and staying there since then we expanded in different countries.
2. We started Ayurveda teaching institution in paris -LIVE Courses -we did for 3 years continuously then shifted to Online now.
3.Now we work in Ireland,UK,,France,Croatia,Ukraine.Slovenija  and Denmark.
4.We provide Ayurvedic consultations in all these countries too.
5.Nearly 10 teachers are working in our Academy.we running now two batches and teaching ayurveda to them according to WHO
Professor Dr.Sureshswarnapuri M.D,
Founder&President -EuropeAyurvedaAcademy-France
Executive Director-Association of Ayurveda Academy-London-U.K
Director-EuropeAyurveda Pharmacy
Commitee member-Rashtriya Ayurveda Vidyapeeth
Govt of India.


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