Hello! I am a young dentist from India, currently based in Berlin, and recently got the permanent license to practise dentistry in Germany. My inspiration to come to Germany started back in 2017 when I was travelling in Europe for a month. I was really impressed by Germany and I knew I wanted to come back. One thing led to another and I started learning German. After I came to Berlin in June 2018, I just concentrated on German for the first 6 months, doing classes, watching films and videos in German, meeting people and also going to bureaucratic offices! Believe me that really pushes you to your German-speaking limits. After my B2 exam I continued with C1 and simultaneously applied for the recognition of my Indian BDS degree. I knew it was the more complicated way, with way more hurdles but I still decided to go for it. I then started preparing for the upcoming exams, learning at home and also did a crash course. I passed the first exam (Fachsprachprüfung ) in April 2019 and got a temporary license of 2 years to practice
dentistry. After that was a mammoth task of the theory and practical exams. That is basically the entire
dentistry in German and also treatment plans and methods according to the German standards. I borrowed books from the library, did some courses to help me prepare better and was also working part time in a dental clinic. All that helped me in successfully clearing all the exams at the Charite University in Berlin and I finally got the permanent license to practice dentistry. (Approbation)

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