Restricted Permissions to schools Restaurants & Biergardens

please find a brief summary of today’s press conference of Bavarian Prime Minister:

– The legal wording of Ausgangsbeschränkung changes to Kontaktbeschränkung, this means that everything stays as it is now, the only difference is that you are allowed to meet close relatives e.g. brother/sister, Parents or Grandparents at home
– Work from home, not meeting friends, social distancing etc. remains
– Everybody should try to minimize the number of contact persons
– Meeting with your close relatives outside is prohibited, only meeting at home is allowed.
– School will restart 11th of May for the school-grades 11 and 9
– School-grades 1, 5, 6 will restart on 18th of May
– From 12th of June the remaining school-grades will restart school
– From 9th of May onwards you will be allowed to visit one person at the hospital or at nursing homes (Altenheim)
– From 18th of May, Biergarten (or outside sitting at Restaurant) will be allowed. You are only allowed to visit the restaurant alone or with people who live together with you in your house.
– From 25th of May, Restaurants (inside sitting) will reopen. You are only allowed to visit the restaurant alone or with people who live together with you in your house.
– From 11th of May individual sports activities will be allowed e.g. Tennis, Golf, Sailing, Indoor horse riding
– The Bavarian government will monitor the situation every week, next decision/announcement will be within the next 10 days

Take care and stay safe!

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