(Generally the excursion has been extremely smooth and pleasure from Delhi to Paris) AirFrance

At Delhi

Registration at Delhi air terminal was speedy as I came to right on time. They requested my Coronavirus reports (I had pre-booked Covid test at delhi air terminal there day before to be with in the 36 hour )

In the wake of giving the ticket they gave me the Travel endorsement archive for France – To be filled in yet nobody asked at French Immigration.

Indian movement and security was smooth.

Paris – Immigration was smooth, asked where I am going, showed them the ahead pass to Brussels.

Paris – Corona Test (Rapid), Got halted at the following counter where they requested the RP, verification of forward venture and furthermore the evidence of remaining in Belgium (for example Water charge, power charge, phone bill) (abnormal however that is the cycle). In the wake of showing them the confirmation, requested to fill subtleties in an entrance in the wake of checking the QR code given by them.

Paris – Corona Test counter (Passport, ticket) ordinary technique, gave the example and was approached to sit tight for 20 mins for result and afterward leave for stuff assortment.


Brussels Midi – Stopped by Belgian police, requested Passenger Locator Form, RP, reason of coming in Belgi

Golly! Presently you go for quarentine!

helpful measure :

1. Show up before the expected time for checkin at Delhi air terminal, it becomes busy a short time later.

2. Book plane seats near the plane entryways , You get to deboard early and are the firsts at the movement counter and crown test counters. This aides particularly in the event that you have a forward venture via train.

3. Keep the evidence of your home prepared, they would require verification notwithstanding RP, I know it’s ridiculous yet that is the interaction.


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