INFO: Hello all Indians travelling to brussel- India.
Due to the lockdown in Belgium, many are not aware of the new rules by the ministry and unfortunately, as the procedure was not respected, the missed their flight.
So as a request from my diplomat Belgian colleagues, I will try to translate the info here in English for the next travellers valid till 1st March.

It is NOT allowed to travel unless you come in the exception category like sick parents, family co partner or child to reunite , legal, diplomatic. For that you need to fill a sworn statement that should signed and carried all the time the link is here below
With this it is mandatory to have proof attached in writing, for example doctor certificate .
Also family travel example husband , wife, kids are not allowed, single journey taken can be accepted, please get the confirmation .

For that you can contact the Corona virus centre to get clear further details based on your conditions.,33%20et%20via%20Relais%2DSignes.
This service is in Belgian languages and is a free number. Do ask a friend, neighbour to help you if you do not speak the language.

Kindly stay updated via the diplomatie website before you book tickets to fly.

I am not frequently on FB , if you really need to get some clarification, message is the best way.

Stay safe!

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