My dear Overseas Indians,

If like many Indians you are also considering sending Oxygen Concentrator to save the lives of your near and dear ones who are in distress due to Covid 19 or you want to send the same as a matter of precaution then we would like to step in to help you courier the same at the cheapest of prices. We feel this is the minimum we can do to help the Indian Diaspora.


  • The duty on Oxygen Concentrator has been reduced to zero by the Government of India. The GST has been now reduced to 12% from 28%.
  • Different makes of Oxygen Concentrators are currently available on Amazon UK and Amazon Germany.
  • Irrespective of whichever part of Europe you are currently living in, all you need to do is buy the Oxygen Concentrator of your liking on Amazon and get it delivered to our office either in UK or Germany.
  • We will then get it delivered using DHL or UPS to the residential address of your family member.
  • The shipment would be delivered duty paid so that your family member is not required to spend any money.
  • Under current Covid conditions the transit time is 4-5 days unless the delivery is to a remote part of India. You will be fully informed about the transit time before we book the shipment.
  • We will be coordinating the entire shipment with DHL/UPS /Customs and you will have full visibility / tracking of the same.


What are steps for procurement and shipping:


  • Please login to Amazon UK or Germany or any other online sellers and look for the OC that you want to buy. Once you have identified the same then before you buy please send me the link so that I can identify the dimensions and value of the same. This would help me give you the cost of shipping including the import GST. If that works for you then you can buy the OC and get the same delivered to my office address. We will then prepare the necessary documents and send the same to the recipient in India.
  • I must however clarify that it is not necessary to send the OC to our office as we can get the OC picked up from any part of the world and get it delivered to the recipient in India. I am highlighting this because in many instances you may have the OC by hand or purchase locally and you only need our help to simply pickup from your residence and deliver.
  • You will also need to pay in advance the shipping cost.
  • So there are two parts to the story, the OC cost which has nothing to do with us and then the shipping cost which depends on the dimensions and weight of the package and we can only calculate that once you have made a decision on what OC you are buying.


If you need help with sending the Oxygen Concentrators then please do reach out us. We will consider it our privilege to be of help. Our contact details are as under:

Contact Details : 

london united kingdom
Sivram Parayil,
+44 7484712085 (WhatsApp),


20 Firs Close,
Bucks, HP15 7TF,
United Kingdom

Hamburg, Germany:

Mandar Ambekar, 
+49 17627114673 (WhatsApp),

Blumenau 126, 22089

Best regards,

Sivram Parayil

InXpress Central London

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Now oxygen concentrators can sent as a gift to India

Note : Once Cross check before you order any thing .we are not responsible for any financial transaction




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