Immersive and Interactive German with HimiDipi

HimiDipi-Sprachkultur is an EdTech initiative based in Cologne, run mainly by two female entrepreneurs Himadri Ketu Sanyal and Dipti Tambe. It focuses on German language courses, designed especially for non-native learners, to fulfill communication requirements of expats in social and professional life in Germany and facilitate their easy integration in German society and culture.

Himadri and Dipti’s journey with German language, literature and culture started when they were only 17 and now that engagement is already more than a decade old. They turned from bachelor students of German studies to research scholars and then to faculties of German. They have done their B.A., M.A., M.Phil. in German Studies from Jawaharlal Nehru University, language certification courses from Goethe Institute and come with years of teaching experience at central universities and premium educational institutions in India as well as Germany. At JNU they were also engaged in theater and this has also shaped their understanding of the process of teaching, in which enabling the students to actively involve themselves in the process of learning and find their own ways of expression becomes of utmost importance.

Himadri and Dipti strongly believe that language and understanding of culture are fundamental to integration in a society. With this conviction, they started HimiDipi-Sprachkultur in October 2020 to share and spread this passion for German language and culture and teach German from the perspective of non-native learners. They have been since then offering online language courses, A1, A2 and B1 with A1 and A2 designed for regular as well as for professional use. They have students from different parts of the world in their online classes and with different techniques and communicative and interactive teaching methodologies, Himadri and Dipti make the classes full of learning and fun. Their strength also lies in small group size, each group at HimiDipi-Sprachkultur contains not more than 5 students and this helps ensure maximum participation of every participant. They also create video content to facilitate language learning. They encourage students’ engagement with German language also outside classroom scenarios and promote theme-based conversations in WhatsApp groups of every batch.

See the image below where students are sharing their experiences with weather in Germany

Through their language learning programs, Himadri and Dipti wish to reach out and connect with more expats, to assist them in their process of communicating in German and to thereby facilitate their social mobility and cultural integration.

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