Hindu Russian Stabbed, Attacked while distributing Vedic books.
Mahashakti Prabhu, a veteran devotee from our Essantuki Yatra (south of Russia) was violently attacked today while distributing books and stabbed several times in the legs with a knife and lost a lot of blood. He is currently in the ICU of the local hospital receiving surgery, his life under threat.
We humbly request all Hindus to pray for this enlightened soul. He is serving our movement for more than 30 years, a very humble and wise devotee who dedicated his life for propagating the mission of Lord Caitanya.
Please keep Mahashakti Prabhu in your prayers. Thank you.
Sankirtan Devotee Attacked! Prayers Needed!
Health Update:
Hare Krishna dear devotees. I am his God sister from Essentuki. His treating doctor has just informed us that Mahashakti Prabhu is conscious, he is in a stable but serious condition. His treatment is continued and now some discussions are made about whether to transfer him to a hospital floor instead of ICU. His arteries haven’t been touched during the injury based on what the doctor said. Please continue to pray for his quick recovery. Thank you! ~Sakhi Siromani Dasi


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