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SaraswathiPushpanjali :

Pushpanjali . This piece is an energetic number, with rhythmic movements. This will be followed by verses taken from Sharadha Bhujanga Sthotram of Sri Adhi Shankaracharya. It extols the beauty and virtue of Goddess Saraswathi. This is set in kanda eka thalam.
About Navia:

An accomplished Bharatanatyam dancer, Navia Natarajan, has a luminous presence on stage. Whether she is performing a complex sequence of adavus or a free-flowing dramatic piece steeped in abhinaya, the lithe and petite Navia embodies impeccable flexibility, rhythm and technique. But beyond the flawlessness of her craft, the US-based dancer’s classical performances, which follow the Vazhavoor style, hypnotise with their depth of emotion and uncanny ability to express abstract ideas

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