Compared to 2019, the Grevenmacher port saw decline of around 579,000 tons of goods passing through in 2020.

The pandemic has taken some sort of toll on almost every economic sector, freight transportation on the river Moselle not being an exception. Compared to the previous year, an 11% decline of transported goods was registered. Minister for Mobility and Public Works Fran├žois Bausch conveyed as much following a parliamentary enquiry by MP Octavie Modert (CSV).

A total of 4.7 million tons of goods have passed through the Grevenmacher in 2020. Further declines in activities were noticeable in the domain of sport boats (-65%), as well as the transportation of people. Minister Bausch explained that due to production decreases in the automobile industry, less steel and ore needed to be transported. Lockdowns most likely account for declines in other areas, Bausch noted.

The port in Mertert has also been affected by the drop in activity. Both the import of scrap metal and petrol have significantly gone down compared to the previous year. Nevertheless, the amount of containers passing trough has gone up from 7,700 to 11,000 over the same period of time.


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