Roopanjali…Celebration of Music & Dance. This is JETUK’s annual cultural program at Stratford Circus Arts Center, London on 4th Nov 2018 and also Millenial Celebrations of Bhagavad Ramanujacharya in UK.

We have Acharya Trayam team from team, along with Swathi Reddy ji who sang 3 songs for JETUK, Ekkirala Sitaratnam ji, Prajna kids, Vidhathri Vemulapalli performing classical dance, Durga Natchiyaar classical music.

Acharya Trayam classical dance ballet is performed as one the performances at Roopanjali which describes about the greatness of 3 Acharyas (Bhagavad Ramanujacharya, Manavala Mahamuni and Pedda Jeeyar swamiji who are all the Adishesha amshas. The ballet describes the acharyas contributions to the well being of the society and how to get liberation.

Enjoy the wonderful performance. This ballet is written by Sriman Samudrala Ramanujam, Music composition by Sriman Phani Narayana and Dance composition by Srimati Samudrala Madhavi Ramanujam. Special thanks to them along with the students who presented the ballet in London and took part in promotion of Statue of Equality in UK.

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