Everyone who is given a work and residence permit for longer than three months receives a residence permit card (UT card). On the card, there will be information stating if the permit is temporary and, if so, how long the permit is valid for.

For a person to be able to work in Sweden, the card has to contain the text

  1. temporary residence and work permit, or
  2. residence permit bearing the text “Allowed to work” (Får arbeta), or
  3. permanent residence permit.

If the permit is temporary, you must check how long the permit is valid for. Also check any restrictions to a particular occupation (type of work) or employer under the text “Notes” (Anmärkningar) on the card.

A person who has a work permit with restrictions may only work in the occupation and for the employer stated on their residence permit card. If the person is going to work for you, they need to apply for a new work permit if their permit is not valid for the new employment.

As a check of their right to be and work in Sweden, the worker should be able to present their old residence permit card and the notice from the Swedish Migration Agency that their application has been received


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