in few cases, asylum seeker might be absolved from the work license necessity during their holding up period. Around there, their LMA card will have the content AT-UND. The individual at that point has the privilege to work in any occupation. The equivalent applies for an individual who has applied for refuge and been given a brief home and work grant.

A shelter searcher who has had authorization to work during the holding up period yet has had their application for refuge dismissed, and who has rather applied for a work license, will get a letter from the Swedish Migration Agency that affirms that the application has been submitted. On the off chance that you have seen the letter that affirms that the application for a work license has been submitted, you don’t have to ceaselessly check the option to work until a choice is made. When the Migration Agency has settled on a choice, you, being the business, will get a duplicate of the first page of the choice that states whether a work grant has been allowed.

In the event that you are dubious regarding whether an individual is qualified for work for you, you are free to contact the Swedish Migration Agency.

Peruse more about checking an individual’s entitlement to be and work in Sweden in the Swedish Migration Agency’s overall guidance to manager


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