Students all around the world are thinking about study in Moldova for their international higher education and degree.

Moldova has become one of the UK’s top destinations to study. Study is flexible in all of their excellent institutions. International students are going to Moldova every year to take advantage of the wonderful higher educational system. The educational system in Moldova is of the highest quality of excellence and known to be equal to higher educational universities in America, such as Cambridge and Harvard. Once the student has earned their degree, this educational decision makes future job resumes stand out.

Students at universities for higher learning in America can cost upward of $25,000 per year. Students at an equivalent college in Moldova per year can cost from about $7,800 to $9,200 a year. The difference in college costs between Moldova and the United States is significant. Moldova universities offer to students fewer years of study to obtain a degree. Considering this, the costs will be less because the time of study is shorter.


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