Requirements to renew your immigration passport or your travel document for refugees

  • You have to pay an application fee .
  • You must have the same type of residence permit as the first time you applied for a travel document, or have a permanent residence permit.
  • You may not normally have visited your home country.
  • Nothing could have happened that makes the Norwegian authorities now doubt your identity.
  • You can not be convicted of serious crimes.
  • If you are under 18, both your parents, or the parent who has sole parental responsibility, must apply for you. If the child welfare service in Norway has care for you, it is usually they who must apply. Your foster parents cannot apply.

Remember to submit two applications

  • Your alien’s passport / travel document usually has the same expiration date as your residence permit. You must submit two applications; one to renew your residence permit and one to renew your immigration passport / travel document.
  • Remember to apply for renewal of both your residence permit and the immigration passport / travel document in good time before you travel abroad.
  • If you have an immigration passport for a single trip, you must now apply for a new immigration passport instead of applying for a renewal.


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