how to become a certified employer in sweden

  • The certification applies to the primary and renewal application for a piece permit and application from former students who have had a residence permit in Sweden and are applying for a piece permit. Even relations who apply at an equivalent time because the employee are included within the certification. Persons applying for a piece permit once they are in Sweden to go to employers, for instance aren’t covered by the certification.

    Requi­re­ments for certi­fi­ca­tion

  • The certification doesn’t mean that the Swedish Migration Agency revokes or changes the conditions for granting a piece permit. the essential requirements for support, and for wage- and employment conditions that are in line with collective agreements, still apply. an equivalent applies to right of trade unions to tend a chance to discuss the terms of employment in each individual case.

    To become a licensed employer, the working papers requirements must be met. additionally the corporate must

    be registered as an employer

  • have the funds to rent
  • have a recurring need within the coming year to recruit workers from a non-EU country
  • have had a minimum of ten working papers applications within the past 18 months (newly started businesses with a recurring need of labour are often certified albeit the corporate has not previously applied for work permits)
  • take responsibility for submitting web applications that are complete have fulfilled the wants for residence permits and work permits if the employer has previously recruited labour from a non-EU country.
  • In order for you to urge a piece permit decision as a licensed employer, the appliance for a piece permit must be complete.

    Decisions for complete applications for a piece permit are going to be made within ten working days for the primary application and 20 working days for a renewal application. For applications where no statement is given by a union organisation, or such an organisation refrains from doing so due to the shortage of a labor contract a choice are going to be made within 60 working days after receipt of the online application.

    The agreement are often terminated if the conditions for the certification or working papers aren’t met.

    Express inte­rest for certi­fi­ca­tion
    You state an interest in getting certified by emailing the Swedish Migration Agency (see email address below). within the email you ought to provide

    company name, organisation number, address, telephone number and email address

  • email address and telephone number for a contact person
  • specification of industry or sort of business (including SNI codeexternal link, opens in new window)information on possible collective agreements
  • details of the recurring needs during the year to use people from non-EU countries, and an evidence of the explanations for this.

With your express of interest, you ought to also enclose

  • a registration certificate for the corporate
  • an annual budget or annual accounts.
  • If your company is newly registered, you ought to also enclose
  • an opening record or a income statement replacing the annual budget or annual accounts
  • a brief description of your business.
  • If your company is conducting a business requiring a permit and you’re getting to employ people in occupations that need this permit, personal assistants for instance you furthermore may need to attach a certificate of a permit for the business.

    Send your expression of interest to

    If you represent a relocation company, send information about new companies to an equivalent email address as above.

    New certification will happen every three months. Reply on certification are going to be sent to an equivalent email address used when submitting your application.

    Expres­sion of inte­rest are often submitted fourfold per annum
    New certification takes place every three months, in March, June, September and December.

    An expression of interest in becoming a licensed employer has got to be submitted by the Judgment Day of the month before. However, so as to form time for any supplements, we recommend that you simply send your expression before this. An expression of interest that comes in after these dates has got to wait until subsequent new certification takes place.

    The notice is shipped to an equivalent email address as you utilized in your expression of interest.

    If you become a certi­fied employer
    Once an agreement on certification is completed, you can, as an employer, begin a piece permit application for your employee.

    The certification applies as long because the employer meets the certification requirements and thus doesn’t got to be renewed. Note that the Swedish Migration Agency makes checks when applications are submitted and for specific follow-ups. The Swedish Migration Agency can cancel the certification if you as an employer not meet the wants for being certified. If the Swedish Migration Agency, in reference to a check or follow-up, finds that you simply don’t fulfil your obligations or terms of certification, the Swedish Migration Agency will contact you. Your certification is then in danger to be cancelled

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