student  who enrolled in a PhD or higher educational programme in Denmark, their can have a limited work permit in addition to your residence permit.

  • The work permit allows you to work for up to 20 hours per week (in some cases only 15 hours per week)
  • Your residence card will state say’s whether you are allowed to work 15 or 20 hours per week are not.
  • Your permit as a student in Denmark can be revoked if you work illegally.¬† if You work more hours than allowed by your permit (15 or 20 hours) then it comes under work illegally .In case of minor violations,
  • E.G. if you have only exceeded the work limit with a few hours or for a short period of time, then your permit will not be revoked but you will receive a warning.
  • A warning is valid for 2 years from the date SIRI decides to issue the warning.
  • In addition, you can be fined for illegal work.
  • If you continue to work illegally during the warning period then SIRI can revoke your permit, meaning you need to leave Denmark.
  • If you exceed the work limit to a significant extent
  • you will not receive a warning. SIRI will revoke your permit immediately, then you may leave Denmark. In this case, you can also be fined for illegal work.


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