FEUER FRAU The Untold Saga Of The Indian Warrior Princess in munich

The Untold Saga Of The Indian Warrior Princess
The ancient epics gain strength and renewal with every telling and retelling, This dance theatrical is a timely reminder of the constant currency and relevance of the great Indian epic the Mahabharata. Indian history is replete with stories of great women, There are some exemplary women characters who are the epitome of courage, elegance, beauty, and intelligence, Feuer Frau explores the glorious epic through the prism of a strong woman in all its interiority.
Once upon a time, During India`s Bronze age, there was a princess, The idea of this lovely young princess, On the eve of her wedding day, waiting for her groom, But then you have to wonder, While the rest of us are buying this version of “Once upon a time” what’s actually going through the head of the princess herself??
Abhinaya Tanz Kampani
Abhinaya Tanz Kampani was started in order to explore and create new forms of expression in dance. The vocabulary of this dance form finds its roots from the aesthetic sensibilities of the traditional Indian dance movements such as BharathaNatyam, BharathaNrityam, and Kathak. Experiments with rhythms and motifs of Indian dance movements disciplines, interactive design, come together to form the Kampani signature style. The dance vocabulary is built on the ancient Indian treatise NaatyaShastra and the Indian Martial art technique Kalaripayattu.
The dancers are trained for years in their respective art forms. Be it ballet, Contemporary dance, they have mastered the technique and now are imbibing the roots of the Indian Art form to create a new vocabulary that which forms the signature of Abhinaya Tanz Kampani.
The creative director Sneha Bharadwaj along with Rebecca Stocked, Franziska Balzer, Hannah Wassermann, and Alessandra Wein form the pillars of Abhinaya Tanz Kampani. The Kampani dancers breathe and live dance, with years of training devoted to master their respective art forms. This production presents to the audience an untold saga of ancient times through their neo-classical dance form.
Concept & Choreography: Sneha Bharadwaj
Music: Manjunath N.S
Arranged by: Varun Pradeep
Lyrics: Arjun Bharadwaj
Production: Abhinaya Indischer Tanz
Dancers: Rebecca Stocked, Franziska Balzer, Hannah Wassermann, Alessandra Wein, Sneha Bharadwaj
Lights: Michael Kantrowitsch
Sound: Robert Weisner
Costume: Varshita Manjunath
Digital Management: Ipfy Enterprise Pvt. Ltd.
Photo and Video Design: Focus Photography Service
Language: English
Age guideline: 6+
Thank you,
Warm Regards,
Sneha Bharadwaj
Indian Classical Dancer & Choreographer
Artistic Director of Abhinaya Indischer Tanz- Munich, Germany
Production Manager, Content Creator, A full-time Artist
Abhinaya-Indischer Tanz

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