short-stay visas, we can stay from 90 to 180 days, without working. That visa is called the Schengen visa.
long-term ones. If you are considering residing in Spain for longer than a year, and even planning to work in the country, you need residence permit.

They can even get their permit in just 24 hours. A permanent residence permit that allows them to live and work in the Spanish territory.
The residence permit is usually issued for a period of 2 years, renewable, provided that you still meet the economic requirements and you have lived at least 183 days in Spain each year.
After 5 years of holding the temporary residence permit, you will be eligible for permanent residency.


  1. Student visa
  2. Business visa
  3. Residence permit as a family member of an EU citizen
  4. Non-lucrative residence visa
  5. Working in Spain for a company as an employee
  6. Golden visa
  7. Asylum and its red card

Student visa

This kind of residency was made for the individuals who are keen on contemplating or leading examination in Spain. Around there, you can apply for the understudy visa for a college class, Masters, Ph.D. what’s more, other transient courses.

The principal interesting point when applying to this grant is the place where should you apply for it. You can do it in the Spanish office situated at your nation of beginning. Yet, it is additionally an alternative to do it during the initial 60 days after you have entered the country.

During this application strategy, you will for the most part need to give your criminal records, a bank articulation with 10.000€ and a proof that you have tried out a course that takes, least, 20 hours out of every week during one year. After that is submitted, you will get the understudy home grant.

Golden visa

Because of the low necessities that describe this grant, the Golden Visa is perhaps the most requested ones.

We are discussing a perpetual residency visa, given to people who put resources into the country. That venture is typically embraced through the buying of a property. Around there, the grant will be given to the people who put at any rate 500.000€ into land.

By and by, there are alternate manners by which to get the grant. The settler intending to move to Spain can likewise get the visa by having 1M€ in portions of a Spanish organization, or public obligation worth 2M€.

Furthermore, you should demonstrate that you have sufficient monetary intends to help yourself and your family. For that reason, you should show the residency of at any rate 30.000€ as the financial backer.

Assuming you need to likewise apply for the grants of your family members, 10.000€ more for each recognizable will be required.

This various sums can be appeared through financial balances from any country.

Every candidate ought to likewise have medical coverage covering him/her in Spain. On account of candidates that are absurd age, they ought not have any criminal records.

Asylum and its red card

In the event that that you have moved to Spain since you were enduring a catastrophic event or come from a locale of contention, you can request haven.

While hanging tight for your shelter goal, you will given a red card.

This card permits you to remain in Spain for a half year; and will be reestablished as long as you actually don’t get a reaction from the migration office.


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