Aufenthaltstitel expires if one stays for more than 6 month outside Germany.
Did anyone faced this problem and got any solutions with such problems?

General info:

As I understand it, it’s a bit complicated. There are many types of Aufenthaltstitel

1) Blue card = Aufenthaltstitel
2) Niderlassungserlaubnis = Aufenthaltstitel
3) Daueraufenthalt EU = Aufenthaltstitel

1) With Blue card, it is 12 months

2) With Niderlassungserlaubnis it is 6 Months BUT if you had a Blue Card prior to having Niederlassungserlaubnis, then 12 months outside EU
With Daueraufenthalt EU
a) it 6 years outside Germany BUT inside EU
b) 12 months outside EU
c) 24 months outside EU, if you had a Blue Card in the beginning and then got the Daueraufehthalt EU.

Correct me with source if anyone has a different information.

Our sources are these two pages

Niederlassungserlaubnis und Daueraufenthalt-EU


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