AarohaNam Invites You to Participate in Bhakti Vaibhavam-2021 in Germany

Team AarohaNam invites you to Bhakti Vaibhavam-2021: A Tribute to Bharateeya Daasa Parampara & Santh Parampara
Shri Krishna says in BhagavadGita: “a leaf, a flower, a fruit or even a drop of water offered with utmost devotion/Bhakti pleases Paramatma”. Since time immemorial, our Sanatana Dharma is glorified through the renditions of the composers of Daasa & Santh parampara. They depicted stories of Paramatma and demonstrated to the society different paths of devotion needed to reach the Divine feet of the Lord. They illustrated that “Shravanam, Keerthanam, Smaranam, Pada Sevanam, Archanam, Vandanam, Dasyam, Sakyam & Atma Nivedanam are the nine Bhakthi Patha or paths of Devotion or “Navavidha Bhakti-path to ultimate realization”.
Dear Bandhu/Bhagini,
We hereby invite you to participate in this 9 days musical feast with each day dedicated to one Bhakthi patha. Requesting artists across Germany to participate in this Bhakti Vaibhavam and dwell in this Divya Sankeerthanam; path taken by Daasa and Santh Shreshta.
We welcome registrations for solo or Group renditions in Classical Music/Dance, Instrumentals,Bhajans, Shloka recitation, Harikathe and Kids Fancy Dress.
Last date for registration: 9th June 2021& Last date for submissions of Audio/video recording: 16th June 2021.
to participate in this musical feast kindly register at  https://bit.ly/3iclBVM
Refer to attached flyers for more details or write to aarohanam.germany@gmail.com
Follow us on our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/AarohaNamGermany for more details.
We look forward to your participation in large numbers.
Let us travel the path of Bhakti together.
Dhanyavad, Team AarohaNam, Indian Classical Arts Forum, Germany.

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