What is mean by PESEL Card in Poland ?


PESEL (Polish: Powszechny Elektroniczny System Ewidencji Ludności )  is the public ID number in Poland.

  • It comprises of 11 digits that are novel for each enlisted individual
  • Since 2018 each outsider in Poland is obliged to enlist his/her location in an appropriate region office (where he/she lives).
  • Technique of enlisting as of now incorporates assignig exceptional PESEL number to an individual, so actually every global understudy and specialist in Poland ought to have PESEL.
  • Clearly, few out of every odd one has, yet in the event that you are an outsider who intends to remain in Poland for longer timeframe, you unquestionably should consider going through the entire methodology.
  • This is especially significant when you are a worker (that incorporates individuals from staff at the UW).

Until 2018 boss who recruited global laborer could utilize Tax Identification Number (NIP) to settle charges, yet now it applies just to people who are occupied with their own business action.

So having PESEL number is the lone route for customary representatives to settle things up with Polish duty office.

  • In the event that you are intrigued distinctly in acquiring PESEL number without enrolling your location, you can likewise do that. You just need to fill in the application structure (in Polish) and convey it to:
  • the workplace of the region where you reside (on the off chance that you have enrolled your location as of now)
  • to the workplace wherein your manager has his central command, or to Śródmieście region office in the event that you are not utilized by any stretch of the imagination/organization in which you are utilized is situated outside of Poland.

You will likewise have to bring reports affirming your character and other information remembered for the application structure. Likewise, the application should express the legitimate premise, from which the commitment to get a PESEL number outcomes.

Note that if any office (for example ZUS or duty office) expects you to have a PESEL number



PPPP – random number, but the last digit indicates person’s gender

K – randomly generated number


why we need PESEL number  :

  • From 1 January 2018, clearly you are allowed your PESEL number ex officio on the off chance that you get enlisted with your impermanent or perpetual home location.
  • Since getting an enlisted address is mandatory for anybody willing to remain in Poland for more than 30 days
  • this implies that countless outsiders in Poland (the individuals who are here not based on a momentary visa exclusively) ought to have their own PESEL number
  • PESEL is compulsory for any individual who needs to for example get a driving permit or start a business in Poland (without it you won’t get your NIP number).
  • A few banks or versatile administrators request it prior to consenting to an arrangement with you; despite the fact that it isn’t required from the lawful perspective, it very well might be needed by their inside guidelines.

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