Travel Experience from Delhi to Munich(Germany ) :
  •  I just travelled to Munich on the 25th of April via Air India from New Delhi.
  • I reached the New Delhi airport 5 hrs before the flight because with the new covid protocols.
  •  it has taken  little bit more time to finish immigration process and i have check in and security check process completed.
  • At the check-in process :they asked my covid report only. and The swab test should be done within 48 hrs of our arrival in germany and then we need to show a negative report to travel. At the check-in counter, they gave me a form to fill which makes you liable for the travel cost, in case you are not allowed to travel.
  • They checked again my covid test report during immigration along with normal travel documents.
  •  Before boarding, my documents(including the covid test) was verified. they Make sure you take the test and get the test results within 48 hours.
  •  After boarding, the flight was smooth. Food was provided and the service was good.
  • Before landing, i have filled a form. In the form, we need to give information about where you are traveling to and where are you planning to stay in Europe.
  •  After landing in Germany, during immigration, again the covid report and the digital einreisemeldung will be checked.
  •  After all my documents are verified, i have collected my luggage and left the airport.
  •  I then took an ICE from Frankfurt to Munich.


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