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    Thugs of Hindostan Full DETAILED Review ( SOME SPOILERS)
    Thugs of Hindostan is based on revenge of a daughter . 
    Ronit Roy ( king ) who is father of Fathima were killed by 
    British ( Mr. Clive )  to sign a petition and  Aamir Khan will be hire by
     British to kill Aamithab bachan and Fathima . 
    Will   Aamir success in it or any twist will happen ? 
    Go and  Watch the movie to know the climax  😂
    1⃣ Fathima Sana sheik is the soul of the movie... She is just awesome... 
    The way she done the role specially action is 👌. 
    2⃣ Robbery scene is just awesome... Rain will start and then action ⚔
    3⃣ Entry scene of the movie ( Big B and Aamir Khan ) was good 
    4⃣  First half was very good 
    5⃣ Aamir Khan done his job very good... He concentrate on his role than script.. he flirts with Katrina Kaif 😂
    6⃣ Katrina Kaif done 2 item dances... Which was good.... But yrf used her for promotion purpose only 
    7⃣ Aamithab bachan, another throne of this movie... He done exceptionally well. Some action scenes were bad but just look at his age...
     He is 70 years old+ and all gave applause for his role ( entry scene 👌)
    8⃣ Other merit of the story is locations... Malta 👌( waiting for Bharat )
    9⃣  Camera angles in action scenes and cinematography was pretty good 
    🔟 Costumes used in this movie is quite well. 
    1⃣1⃣ Vfx is very good in some scenes only...
    1⃣2⃣ Film will satisfy if u look 1st half only 
    1⃣3⃣ Star cast like aamir Khan and  Aamithab bachan save the movie from some extend
    1⃣ It is mangal pandey 2 for Aamir Khan and Tashan 2 Yrf
    2⃣ Direction of the film is biggest demerit .After seeing this movie... Why yrf again Vijay 😑 ? 
    If it is directed by another director maybe he  can save this ship from sinking. 
    3⃣ The ship fight scene of Fathima sheik and amithab bachan is  inspired from robbery scene of dhoom 2 .
    4⃣ There is nothing in story and screenplay. I don't know why yrf  invested 300 crores in this movie 
    5⃣ The other lack of the movie is Editing... The film is just like Ajay devagn's shivvayy... Too much stretching .  
    The editorwant to cut 10-20 mins more .
     6⃣ Katrina kaif done her "Guest role "good her moves and dance... But yrf manipulate audience by showing her on 
    trailer as supporting actress 
    7⃣ Mr. clive is not much impressive.... Expected more  from him .
    8⃣ Zeeshan ayub with Aamir Khan bad joke time .
    9⃣ Ronit Roy the king of the place have a short role but not impressive
    🔟 Action of the movie won't give nothing new to audience
    1⃣1⃣ Another weak point is music... Below average songs
    1⃣2⃣ Second half of the movie is like spoof... Sorry but race 3 was better than this .
    1⃣3⃣Aamir Khan try to play an unpredictable character but fails. 
    Last word
    Overall film is like spoof . It also not Better than Dhoom 3 and Race 3 . Then also this movie will collect at box office. 
    Rating :- 2 /5

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