1. for youngsters under 13 yrs , Coronavirus test not needed.
  2. take the antigen test at the air terminal 12 hours prior to loading up time this was checked uniquely at klm check in counter at Mumbai air terminal.
  3. prior antigen trial of 4 hrs prior to boarding was required. In last 5-6 days, they have changed this to 24 hours prior to loading up time this is unmistakably expressed on government. So in the event that you are going with an infant it’s ideal to do the antigen test prior on the off chance that you can , it won’t be simple with a child and gear.
  4. antigen test is done at Mumbai T2 terminal at P9. at the point when you arrive at the air terminal, take lift , inside lift P9 alternative is there  you will see no different finishes paperwork for P9 at air terminal . When you arrive at P9, there are 2 counters of rural diagnostics and 1 counter of lifenity wellbeing . Lifenity is the place where antigen is done, it costs rs200 per individual.
  5. Pls accept 2 hours from the time you arrive at the counter till the time you get result print out. Lamentably there is no call number, and you can’t fill the structure online ahead of time. So you go to the counter, examine the QR code they will show you, at that point fill a structure on the web, a token no is produced. At that point take antigen . Normally result comes in 30-45 mins  that is it.
  6. P9 is just for Coronavirus test so you will discover these counters without any problem. joining a pic, lifenity is the counter left to rural in this pic. They are extremely useful.
  7. wellbeing presentation structure is required for youngsters and grown-ups
  8.  there is no Coronavirus test done subsequent to showing up at Amsterdam air terminal
  9. Rules continue to change so pls do connect with your aircraft for explicit questions and continue to check government airline.


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