Recent Travel Experience from krakow – Amsterdam – Mumbai

Hello dear travellers, I would like to share my travel experience.

I booked the ticket on KLM. Remember, all tickets are flexible and you can change the date any time. Even 2 days before travel date you can postpone your trip.

OK so here we go…..

Well, I’m skipping registration/documentation part as many friends already posted it many times. Just use search tool to get the info.


Flight was at 6am. Only Thermal check while entering to Airport. Security checks was very easy. No one even touched or asked anything. No physical/personal check either. (I was bit surprised, may be because of corona)
Flight was OK. Mostly empty.

There was one special designated desk for Mumbai travellers. Airport authorities were nice and asked us to fill one form. Very small 1 page information that you need to fill. Thermal check. That’s all.

At gate terminal, Authorities were checking whether we have done registration at embassy at huage. (if you haven’t done that then you can do it online, so it’s pretty cool and easy.) They will give you face shield as well.

Flight was very packed. 😷. No seat gap between 2 people. Food was nice. Its veg food for all. ( cheese pasta). Antibiotic paper towels were provided. Travelling with face mask with shield was pain. It’s not easy.

Once you land at Mumbai Airport, authority will ask you to submit “Undertaking cum Indemnity Form”. (if you haven’t done that then you can do it there itself. They will give you form to fill, so again, it’s pretty cool and easy.)

Move ahead, to next queue. You need to show “Air suvidha registration”. I saw few people were filling that form at that time. They got paper form to fill it. After showing that, you will get stamp on your boarding pass.

To next queue, you will have to show that boarding pass. They need Xerox copy of boarding pass. They will take a print and return your boarding pass.

Next queue, they will check whether you have “Arogya setu app”. If not, step aside, install it. Once done, then you can collect your baggage.

Then immigration. Then next big but last part is covid test/exemption.

There will be 2 queues, exempted and people who would like to have test at Mumbai Airport.

For covid test at Mumbai Airport, its better to book the slot well in advance. You can pay it later. Just provided them your registration code, otherwise you have to spend more time in queue . Pay money. 2min for testing.

Charges : 1400 per person for test. If you want lounge then 3900 per person with test. At lounge you will get food and unlimited drinks.

Well I chose, airport transit hotel NIRVANTA. 1min walk. Its inside airport only. Which was cheap and best for couples. 4500 for 2 persons includes one time lunch/bf. Private room with attached bathroom. (while ordering food, tell them that you want “packaged food” which is free in hotel cost. If you order apart from it, you need to pay.)

Had rest at hotel. Email received about test. Go to testing facility. They will give you hard copy of report. Show it to authorities and.


Eat wada pav, Samosa, Kachori, pav bhaji, Misal ……. Enjoy.

Life is beautiful.

Source of information and written by
Gargi Gaurao

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Recent Travel Experience from krakow – Amsterdam – Mumbai

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