Todays address from french Prime minister has latest restrictions are in place to be followed for travelling from India to France effective from 24 – April 2021

  • No flights aren’t suspended but  strict controlling measures
  • Only who have principal residence in France can board flights, have to prove it with supporting docs.
  • PCR test negative result less than 36hrs (or 72 hrs + rapid antigen test less than 24hrs) is mandatory while boarding in India and all the passengers will be tested with antigen test on arrival in France.
  • Mandatory 10 days quarantine at home which is going to be strict. There will be police checks at the address submitted during the trip.
  • Non-compliance will lead to a fine of 1000-1500 €
  • During home quarantine of 10 days, people can go out for essential requirements only between 10am-12pm.
  • Note: Please contact airline officials for latest updates



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