Proud of Indian origin contribution to Switzerland on her birthday also

Proud of Indian origin contribution to Switzerland and humanity in these challenging times,

Our pride Indian Bansi Butani supporting in Switzerland patients on her birthday also.

Some words from her mother:

Seven years ago, when Bansi told us that she wanted to study further in medical, we were happy. However, there was a question. Why the medical field? Then her answer was, “I want to make a lot of money”. So, we said that money can be earned in many fields, why medical only? The answer was then, which we still remember today. “I want to make a lot of money in the medical field and that money, I will use to build a good hospital, support medical research and one month every year, I will provide completely free services to the poor and needy patients!

15 days ago, when Bansi said that due to Corona, there was a shortage of medical staff in Switzerland, so they called the medical students to work in the hospital voluntarily. This was fine until we heard the second sentence, “I want to go for this service”. We found this very difficult. We tried to explain her existing situation as parents. This is the case, when in Switzerland, there were about 7,000 confirmed cases of Corona and over 60 victims. How to say yes to her? At one point, Bansi answered all our arguments when she even went so far as to say, “When a war is on the border, what if the parents of a soldier do not allow him to go to war thinking there is a danger?”. After hearing this, we had nothing to argue with. Our son Arjun was listening quietly to all this and finally said “You remember that saying you told us long back many times, “Everyone wants martyrs and patriots (Shivaji and Lakshmibai), but not in their own house, but in their neighbor’s house!”

We are proud that Bansi understands her responsibilities as a medical student and has gone to work in the hospital since last week.

Today is Bansi’s Birth Day. We are happy that, instead of celebrating Birthday at home, she is working in the hospital today. Bansi, you are fulfilling Bapuji’s dream. May God bless you to achieve all your above sky dreams. Very Happy Birthday to You!

Special Note: Currently there are 21,282 Corona confirmed cases here in small Switzerland and 734 human beings have lost their lives. May the God protect human and humanity!

Our heartfelt congratulations to the thousands of doctors, medical/paramedical staff, police force, government employees, etc. who are now serving humanity day and night globally.

Nisha Butani
Kishor Manji Butani
6th April 2020, Switzerland

Proud of Indian origin contribution to Switzerland and humanity in these challenging times. Well done Bansi Butani & family, a very brave step. A heartfelt Thank you from us all.

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