On April 28, the Government of India reported it will acquire one lakh oxygen concentrators and disseminate in high weight states as an option in contrast to exhausting assets of fluid clinical oxygen. A shortage of chambers has likewise pushed concentrator market, prior an advantageous clinical hardware, at the cutting edge for home disconnected patients and moderate patients in medical clinics. Yet, utilizing the right detail is significant.

Oxygen concentrators are reasonable for whom?

Simply gentle to decently sick patients, who have an oxygen immersion level between 90-94, ought to rely upon an oxygen concentrator and can utilize it at home. Since there is shortage of oxygen, even those with oxygen level as low as possible select one. Anybody with oxygen immersion exhausting under 80-85 may require higher progression of oxygen and should change to a chamber or fluid clinical oxygen supply.

“Say if an individual’s oxygen immersion is 87 to 90 and he is put on an oxygen concentrator. In the event that the oxygen immersion rises and keeps up between 92-94 that implies the concentrator can help. However, in the event that patient’s oxygen immersion keeps on draining, that implies he should change to a chamber with higher oxygen stream or get hospitalized,” doctor Dr Balaji says


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