How to Replace Residence Card in Poland

Replacement of the residence card cases :

your lasting home card, or long haul occupant of the EU home card or compassionate home card lapses

  • the information contained in the residence card have changed, ie. your name, your location
  • you have lost your residence card
  • your residence card has been harmed
  • you have been conceded with lasting home/long haul occupant of the EU and your card lapsed.


An application for substitution of a residence card ought to be submitted face to face inside 14 days of the justification their substitution show up.

The application for a minor is made by guardians or watchmen named by the court, or one of the guardians or one of the gatekeepers selected by the court. While presenting an application, a minor who is at any rate 6 years of age should be available.

In the event that you have a home grant for a drawn out occupant of the EU or a perpetual home grant, you should apply for a card substitution at any rate 30 days before your home card terminates.

Documents for Replacement of the residence card

  • 2 photographs which should meet the accompanying prerequisites
  • Unharmed, in shading, of good concentration and quality,
  • size: 35x45mm, not more seasoned than most recent a half year,\
  • affirmation of enrollment for lasting or brief home.
  • Confrimation of stamp obligation expense installment is needed to begin the procedures.
  • All archives are submitted in unique/guaranteed duplicate and in ensured interpretation whenever required.
  • Address on the residence card
  • The card printout is requested in the wake of presenting the evidence of installment and subsequent to giving the current affirmation of enlistment for a transitory stay enduring more than 2 months.
  • In the event that you don’t present an affirmation of enlistment inside 14 days from the date of receipt of the choice to concede you a transitory home grant, your home card won’t have a home location printed out on it.
  • You can likewise say something in the event that you need to have the location on the card.

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