Guidelines For Re-Issuance of International Driving Permit by Embassy of India in Madrid Spain 2021



als (MADRID)


12 February 2021


In terms of Ministry of Road Transport and Highway’s Notification dated 7.1.2021, the Embassy of India in Spain, through VFS Global, would be accepting fees for Miscellaneous Consular Service for re-issuance of International Driving Permit (IDP) as one of the Consular Services provided by Mission, wef 15.2.2021.

The process will involve the following steps : 

1) The Applicant himself herself visit the VFS Global and fill the Miscellaneous Consular Service form to avail consular service. VFS Global will charge a fee of Euro 13 towards accepting the application of re-issue of International Driving Permit.

The Embassy will issue a receipt to the applicant with the following details :

  • Name of the applicant as per Passport.
  • Expired IDP number of the applicant.
  • Consular Officer certifying that applicant is the same as per passport and photo on the expired IDP and is holding a valid domestic driving licence issued by the Government of India,

Receipt number for payment of the fees

i) Applicant will apply for reissue of IDP through the portal and will upload the documents, including the recipe issued by the Embassy.

  • On receipt of the application through the portal, the licencing authority, on verification of the documents, shall issue the IDP and shall courier it directly to the address of the applicant.

(Ashish Aggarwal)

Attache (Visa & Consular)


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