checklist for newly graduate’s in norway :

When you show up at the agreed time at the police or the foreign service mission.

you must submit this list and  copies of the documents on this list.

You must also show the originals.

If any of your documents are in languages ​​other than Norwegian or English, you must enclose a translation of the documents into Norwegian or English .

It is your responsibility to ensure that you have submitted all the documents in the list that are relevant to you. If you do not provide all the necessary documents, you must provide a written explanation of why. If not all relevant documentation is attached, this may take longer to get an answer or your application will be rejected

3) two new passport photos with a white background
9) documentation that you have completed your education / degree in Norway, or documentation that you have passed all exams and / or submitted all assignments that are necessary to complete your education / degree in Norway


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