Srinivas Munagala, a 34 year old Software Engineer from Hyderabad (India) was an aspiring and hardworking individual.  He travelled to Germany about 2 months ago for work.

On 9th May 2020, he passed away in his sleep all of a sudden and his body was found in his apartment. He was in good health until the incident.

Srinivas is survived by his young wife “Sahithi Gona”, who is a homemaker, and a 1-year old daughter “Srihitha Munagala”, both located in Hyderabad, India.

Friends and family members of Srinivas are working diligently with the Indian Embassy and German authorities to figure out a way to transport Srinivas from Germany to Hyderabad, in order to complete the rituals and perform the last rites.

The repatriation process has become even more challenging due to the international travel restrictions, as a result of COVID-19.

Sahithi is in deep distress and is trying to make terms with the loss, while managing her daughter Srihitha.  Both need help and support from the family and community to withstand these difficult times.  This go-fund me campaign is to raise funds to support expenses related to repatriation, Srihitha’s education and living expenses.

Friends of Srinivas & family, have started this campaign on behalf of Sahithi & Srihitha,

Please support with your contribution


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